Shane Neufeld

Trained as both an architect and a visual artist, Neufeld’s landscapes evoke a sense of place expressed through paint and structure.  Applying practices and attitudes from both disciplines he combines a fluid approach with an underlying organizational intent.  He paints in crisp colors, creating bold contrasts of light and shadow, shaping “paths” for the eye to wander through the depicted space.
Although based in Brooklyn, Neufeld derives his subject matter from favorite locations (including New Brunswick, Canada) that he returns to time and again.  He also clearly holds a genuine affection for his subject.  Neufeld writes:
What does a landscape look like through an architectural lens?  Could order, logic and geometry work towards enhancing our experience of nature?  As someone who has painted landscapes for my entire career while practicing architecture, I’ve tried to combine both sensibilities into a cohesive work.  Specifically, how I might shift my line of sight from passive absorption to a more active and intentional system of organization.  Logic and order aside, SIGHTLINES aims to capture and to express my personal relationship to the landscape and its timeless beauty.
Neufeld received a BA in Fine Arts from Amherst College (where the surrounding countryside was an initial inspiration) and a Masters in Architecture from Yale University.  He has completed several architectural projects in New York City and New Orleans and his paintings have been exhibited throughout the East Coast.  Neufeld was included in Alpha Gallery’s annual New Talent exhibition in 2010.

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