Danny Schissler Bio

Danny Schissler is interested in remnants, tertiary spaces, entropy, failures of technology, runoff, broken apparatuses, collisions of culture and nature, and how these things translate photographically.


 This project explores the transformation of the natural world through the presence of artificial light. These liminal spaces, at the borders of malls, business parks, and big-box retailers, are lit entirely by the runoff light from commercial development. The flora thrives in an uncanny glow, never experiencing true darkness. I spend time exploring these places after business hours have ended, and often find an unexpected wildness bathed in eerie industrial light--a savage landscape both unsettling and oddly familiar. 

The images are recorded on transparency film, rendering a spectrum of light that seems otherworldly. I utilize photograms, double exposures, and lumen printing as a means of simultaneously documenting both the photographic view and the materiality of these transitory sites. I see these images as visual reexamination of a world continually shaped by human choices."